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Visual Identity Proposal
$ 45.00 
Designed for:
Adobe InDesign

Presenting your work to your clients is one the most important parts of the visual identity process. After many years of trial and error I am sharing with you the template I now use to present logo concepts to clients. Simple yet comprehensive, this template comes in both A4 landscape and portrait formats to suit whatever works best for you, and is fully customisable. I know early on in my process, I just wanted to peak inside what others were doing so I could feel more confident about my own process. Now you can see the steps I take to create presentations that inspire and excite my clients and have a 96% first-time-yes success rate!!

Created in Adobe Indesign to allow for the most flexible customisation, this template will help you do your design work justice.

If you are unsure the template will be right for you, please reach out to for help and I'll gladly answer any questions.

"Thank you ! This was perfect !" - Nick
what can i customise?