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Creative Direction Mini Guide
$ 27.00 
Designed for:
Adobe InDesign

This 10 page A4 Adobe InDesign Creative Direction Mini Guide was designed help you elevate your client engagements and streamline the creative direction process.

Crafted for simplicity yet armed with comprehensive insights, this guide empowers you to expertly navigate your clients through crucial aspects of their brand discovery journey.

In this guide we touch on your clients goals, audience, and how we can use design to speak to them. The copy prompts and mood board layout included allows you to effectively pitch different visual concepts to your clients.

As an added bonus, we’ve also included client feedback questions to nurture greater understanding and collaboration between yourself and your client. These carefully considered questions pave the way for richer discussions, ensuring that the final creative output resonates with your client's vision.

This guide is designed to be used alongside a verbal presentation, either through Loom or over call. Watch the training video to learn more about how I do this and what to include.

If you are unsure the template will be right for you, please reach out to for help and I'll gladly answer any questions.

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