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Client Proposal
$ 32.00 
Designed for:
Adobe inDesign

This 31 page, A4 Adobe InDesign Creative Proposal was designed help you elevate your how you pitch solutions to potential clients. A custom proposal is the first step in showing your lead what you're capable of and helps them see that you've heard them and can solve their problems with your skillset.

In this template you will be able to provide insight on your clients goals, your unique approach, and how you plan to bring to life their vision in a phased or packaged approach. The copy prompts and service option pages allow you to customise the proposal to suit your clients but also the way you work as a creative. It helps you lay the foundation for a strong working relationship and positions you as an expert.

I have included a quick Loom video walking you through some fundamentals to think about when creating proposals as well as a quick guide on the template itself.

If you are unsure the template will be right for you, please send me a DM on instagram and I'll gladly answer any questions ☺

what can i customise?