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Chemistry Call Guide
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Managing the enquiry process and handling sales calls is an aspect of running a freelance business that isn’t spoken about often enough. It is a critical stage in the process of winning a client. Over the last 6 years I have made many mistakes and learned a lot about effective ways to run these chemistry calls (also known as discovery calls). This is a simple guide designed to give you all the tips, tools and of course, the actual template I use to manage discovery calls with prospective clients.

Save LOADS of time going back and forth on emails and get all the vital information you need to go on to creating proposals that clients love and say yes to (proposal template coming soon).


You can copy and paste the text into a Google Doc or Word doc if you would like to.

If you are unsure the template will be right for you, please reach out to for help and I'll gladly answer any questions.

"Everything I needed in strategic well-designed templates (with a how-to tutorial video with transcript)." - Kylie
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